For temperature control of SUB and SUF

Dual channel heating controller for endotherm based reaction like cultivation in bioreactors in size 0.5-50 litre / thermal mass. Such as the CellVessel SUB from www.cercell.com

Product, model name




Hephaestus cabinet size


Power supply

110-230 VAC, 10 amp

Weight, kilo



Dual independent channel controller with build-in CPU able to work in stand-alone setup or chained with other Cronus components. Designed for electrical heating elements operating at either 110 or 230 VAC. Elements could be heating rods or flexible blankets.

In & Out electrical requirement - front panel mounted:

  • 1 x 110 - 230 VAC power inlet, IEC standard male with ground, fuse tray, red button breaker, max 10 amp
  • 2 x 110 - 230 VAC controlled power outlet, IEC standard female with ground – one each channel, max 10 amp in total
  • 2 x Pt100 sensor with 4 leg M12/RKF socket
  • 1 x USB socket
  • 1 x RJ45 socket


  • 3.5” TFT display for readout
  • USB port for USB adapter/Wi-Fi connection and 5 VDC / 1 amp charging and via keyboard programmable set-points
  • RJ45 for LAN, ModBus via IP/TCP

Harmonia in U2 Hephaestus Stainless Steel cabinet. Designed for two set of thermocouples, cables and two heating elements. 

Supplied with:

  • 2 x Omega OD 3 mm Pt100 sensors available in length 100, 150, 200 250 mm
  • 2 x thermocouple cable with M12/RKF connector

Extras found under Accessories:

  • Orange silicone heating blanket element to wrap around the SUB/SUF (check out dimension, voltage, power rating. etc)

– check out specific folder on this subject under Support
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