Sipylus liquid analyser

Single-Use-Sensor transmitter for pH, DO, biomass, CO2, conductivity and °C

Sipylus is a six channel transmitter / pre-amplifier unit. The 6 input channels of Sipylus configured as to your needs - selectable from the table below. Designed to accept also the latest Hamilton RUS (Re-Useable-Sensor) ARC biomass and CO2 sensors in a Single-Use setup.

Product, model name


SUS details


Six channel analogue or digital

pH - DO - RTD - conductivity - CO2 - bio-mass

pH range

1 - 14, resolution >0.1

1 reading per sec, analogue or digital

DO range, %

check out CerCell SUS

1 reading per sec, digital

Conductivity, μS/cm

check out CerCell SUS

1 reading per sec, analogue type

Biomass - capacitance

check out CerCell SUS

1 reading per sec, digital


check out CerCell SUS

1 reading per sec, digital

Temp range, °C (F, K)

-20 - +150, resolution >0.1

1 reading per sec, both Pt100 and Pt1000

Power supply

24 VDC


Cabinet size



Weight, kilo




Transmitter with DO, CO2, biomass ARC input and SUS pH, conductivity/temp input for demanding applications. The Sipylus U2 cabinet house a 5” touch sensitive display connected to the integrated powerful Apollon PLC. Apollon run Linux / CodeSys webserver presenting data online on the build in display or external means such as smartPhone's, PADs, PCs.

The use of DO, pH, CO2, conductivity, biomass Single-Use-Sensor's (SUS) options integrated into Single-Use-Bioreactor's and Single-Use-Fermenter's and Single-Use-Mixer's is by far the fastest and most modern way to gather precise pH, DO, conductivity, cell density and temp values - such SUS are available from

In & Out electrical features - front panel mounted

  • M12/8 sockets for digital VisiFerm DO, digital CO₂NTROL, digital OneFerm pH, digital InCyte biomass - all in a Single-Use by CerCell or PerfuseCell
  • M12/8 sockets for OneFerm analogue pH sensor with VP connecter (requires ARC module)
  • M12/8 sockets accept both Pt100 or Pt1000 sensor's (A) and/or ConducCell conductivity sensor's (B)
  • RJ45 via LAN for PC connection
  • USB port for USB memory or Wi-Fi antenna connection
  • One Buccaneer socket for 24 VDC supply
  • Power breaker

Sipylus in U2 Hephaestus cabinet facilitates pH, DO, temperature and conductivity sensor connections. The 5” touch sensitive colour display for programming and in real-time readout of measured parameters. 

Communication with external devices

  • Sipylus perform equalli well in stand-alone applications
  • Programming and info via the built-in webserver from PC, PADs or smart-Phones via USB/Wi-Fi/router
  • USB port for CodeSys software upgrades or Wi-Fi/router connection or data dump
  • RJ45 port for LAN, IP/TCP connection with external PLC or with PCS via ModBus or OPC platform
  • Data collection / acquisition / control via OPC-UA to PC platform running software Lucullus from SecureCell

Supplied as, optionally as needed

  • No sensor's or ARC module included (available separately from CerCell)
  • Separate cable – M12/4-8-VP-6/8 – 2 meter long Hamilton cable
  • Separate cable – M12/8-VP-8 – 2 meter long Hamilton cable
  • Separate cable - M12/D-sub for conductivity and temp
  • Incl one Zephyros 24 VDC / 5 amp power supply IEC socket C13 (no power cable supplied)

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