Advanced use of bioprocess sensor's 

Artemis is a stand-alone transmitter for measurement designed exclusively for in liquid Single-Use-Sensor (SUS) applications. Such as integrated into SUBs from and CP-SUBs from

Product, model name


Purpose of measurements

Glucose, Lactate, conductivity, temp

Conductivity range, mS/cm

1-200 continuous

Temperature range, °C

0-100 continuous

Glucose & Lactate, mMol/L


Power supply

24 VDC

Cabinet size


Weight, kilo



Artemis signal transmitter works via multiple parallel communication with spots for measurements. Artemis house the Apollon CPU with display. Sensor’s arrange so that one SUS handles Glucose and Lactate and one SUS handles conductivity and temperature.

In & Out

  • RJ45 via LAN for PC connection
  • USB for Wi-Fi connection
  • 4 x connection cables
  • One Buccaneer for 24 VDC supply
  • Power breaker

Artemis in Hephaestus U2 cabinet for both Glucose, Lactate, conductivity, temp. One combined conductivity and temperature SUS.

Price and p/n – look under Commerce