Advanced use of optical pH and DO SUS

Ogygia is a stand-alone transmitter for single-use pH and DO measurement designed exclusively for in liquid single-use applications. Such as integrated into SUBs from www.cercell.com and CP-SUBs from www.prolifecell.com

Product, model name



pH and DO

pH range


DO range, %


Number of readings

+ 100.000

Power supply

24 VDC

Cabinet size


Weight, kilo



Ogygia signal transmitter works via 4 parallel optical communication with optical/chemical spots for pH and DO measurements. Ogygia house a CPU, optical light source and spectrometer for signal conversion. The FRS-spots are biologically inert optical sensor spots allowing the determination of pH and DO, when read by the Ogygia unit. The spot chemistry is coming from www.frs-systems.com.

In & Out

  • RJ45 via LAN for PC connection
  • USB for Wi-Fi connection
  • 4 x connection optical cables
  • One Buccaneer for 24 VDC supply
  • Power breaker

Ogygia in Hephaestus U1 cabinet with one optical cable set for both pH and DO in the same SUS.

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