Ares stepper driver

Driver specification from the Hera family to external motors 

Product, model name


Number of drive output


Weight, kilo



Designed for drive of external placed peristaltic pump units based on stepper motors and direct coupled peristaltic MicroFlex or MiniFlex pump heads. Cable connection from any of the 4 Buccaneer sockets to the stepper motors. Ares in Hephaestus cabinet U1 are able to supply 2.5 amp continuously to 4 wire bipolar stepper motors from Eos family 24 VDC supply. Max revolutions are limited to 1,000 RPM. IP31 protection designed.

Ares could also be used to drive one agitation Phlegyas unit and 3 external peristaltic pump heads such as Phobos or Deimos.

Illustration show the stand-alone and compact Ares stepper motor drive and accessories.

Find peristaltic pump model Phobos / MicroFlex head and Deimos / MiniFlex head under Accessories.
Price and p/n – look under Commerce