Eris Single-Use-Pump

Custom design for KTH in Sweden

Product, model name


Number of pump heads

4 MicroFlex

Min pump capacity, mL/min


Max pump capacity, mL/min/300 rpm


Max hose diameter, mm


Cabinet dimension, mm

B 215, D 120, H 120

Weigth, kilo



Four MicroFlex peristaltic pump heads coupled directly to Nema 17 step motors for un-parallel low liquid flow control and accurate performance. Programmed for max 300 RPM. Build-in RPM controlled fan. IP31 protection designed.

Purpose for the 6 units build for KTH (Royal Technical University) was for arrangement inside incubators connected to small perfusion SUBs in the HESUB project. Short hoses and ultra-low flow.

Eris in customised ultra-small Stainless Steel cabinet.

Specifications – max hose dimension OD 4.0 (5/32), ID 2.0 (5/64), wall 0.8 mm (1/32)
Price and p/n – look under Commerce