Servo motor drive from Themis family

Stand-alone CE approved Motor-Drive-System´s (MDS) for drive of any STR (Stirred-Tank-Reactor), SUB (Single-Use-Bioreactor), SUF (Single-Use-Fermenter). SUM (Single-Use-Mixer). Such as:

  • Drive of CerCell SUF, SUB, SUM equipped with HPD (Head-Plate-Drive) via ID39-B type of coupling.
  • Drive of MST, Magnetic-Stirrer-Table from CerCell via ID39-B type of coupling.

Perseus product consist of:

  • One Motor-Drive-System´s (MDS)
  • One German quality Zeitlauf 24 VDC, 3 amp DC servo motor rated at 0 – 1.500 rpm.

Perseus cabinet and servomotor, servo motor installed on adapter on 5,7 liter SUF.

Front panel - manual control

  • Display for RPM, 0-1.500 RPM
  • Enable bottom
  • Direction bottom, CW or CCW
  • Potentiometer 0-270° for 0-100% RPM

Rear panel

  • Red breaker for power and fuse on standard IEC inlet module
  • IEC inlet module for 110-230 VAC 50-60 Hz connection
  • 15 leg socket for servo motor connection (tacho and power)

Standard setup:

  • One Perseus cabinet, dim: L280, W170, H130 mm, weight 3 kilo, AISI 304
  • One Zeitlauf DC servo motor with ID39-B adapter, ZN21 sprocket, SP21 rubber coupling, weight 1,5 kilo
  • One servo motor extension cable (power and signal) length 2 meter
  • No power supply cable (any standard computer cable will work)

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