Phoenix driver

Manuel control of small servo motor's

Analogue stand-alone dual Motor-Drive-System's (MDS) dedicated for agitation of small SUBs (Single-Use-Bioreactor), P-SUBs (Perfusion-Single-Use-Bioreactor's), SUFs (Single-Use-Fermenter's) being operated in parallel.

Drive of

  • Small SUBs, P-SUBs, SUFs equipped with Head-Plate-Drive (HPD) with range up to 500 RPM and Working Volume up to 1 liter from sister companies PerfuseCell and CerCell

Phoenix analogue kit shown with motors, cables and power supply. Phoenix front packed with controls squeezed into the Hephaestus U1 cabinet.  

Phoenix product package consist of

  • One compact Motor-Drive-System's (MDS) integrated in Hephaestus U1 cabinet
  • Two NEMA-14 servo motors both equipped with with ID30 adapter
  • Two cables 1.5 meter long as standard (other length available)
  • One external Zephyros Power Supply

Phoenix are designed to drive two bimodal stepper motors size NEMA-14 independently.

Spec of the Phoenix package

  • Hephaestus U1 cabinet - weight 2 kilo
  • Motor power 20 watt covering from 30 to 500 RPM
  • Motor's equipped with adapter ID30 which fits small SUBs, P-SUBs and SUFs from sister companies CerCell and PerfuseCell less than 1 liter
  • No display, no PLC, no communication via WiFi or the like – simple manual operation
  • 10-turn potentiometer for internal RPM control
  • Dual rotating direction - CW and CCW
  • Switch for internal or external analogue 4-20 mAmp for RPM control
  • Enabling switches for each motor operation
  • Operate on 24 VDC via 110-230 VAC supply
  • Power switch control an internal Solid-State-Relay
  • CE certified (external Zephyros power supply is also UL listed)

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