Powerful servo motor agitation of SUBs and SUMs and SUFs

Stand alone Motor-Drive-System´s (MDS) for agitation of any STR (Stirred-Tank-Reactor), SUB (Single-Use-Bioreactor), SUF (Single-Use-Fermenter), P-SUB (Perfusion-Single-Use-Bioreactor) CP-SUB (Continuous-Processing-Single-Use-Bioreactor).

Horae product:

  • MDS (Motor-Drive-System) able to drive one brushless AC servo motor for all SUB sizes and up to 50 litre, and SUF up to 30 litre at 0 - 2,000 rpm.
  • MDS is further designed to communicate internally via build-in touch display and externally via Modbus/TCP. Hereby RPM, delivered Amp, etc available for on-line display and for data logging
  • Drive of SUF, SUB, STR equipped with HPD (Head-Plate-Drive) via ID39-B adapter
  • Drive of MST, Magnetic-Stirrer-Table from www.CerCell.com via ID39-B adapter

Illustration show the stand-alone and compact Horae servo motor drive unit and Kollmorgen motors. It’s further a unique feature that the cables are not hard wired in cabinet.

Front panel - manual control

  • ABB touch display CP620 panel size 4.3”

Read out, real time information

  • RPM, 1 step accuracy, damping factor adjustable
  • ampere usage, 0,1 step accuracy

Standard setup:

  • One Horae in Hephaestus U3 cabinet, dim: W230, D230, H150 mm, weight 6.8 kilo, AISI 304
  • One Kollmorgen AKM servo motor with ID39-B adapter, ZN21 sprocket, SP21 rubber coupling
  • One set of two cables (power and signal) length 1.5 meter
  • No power supply cable

Communication -
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