Service & Maintenance

Some hard data behind our support


Cronus-PCS products are at anytime serviced as to your needs, requirement. Such as setup at your facility, software updates offered whenever available, special software development as needed, return & replacements, exchange with upgraded models, disposal of old units, etc.

Cronus-PCS hardware are all designed for a max room operation temperature of 25°C. If higher temp is needed for like work at 37°C under a hood / contact us.

Check out Hephaestus cabinet details here.

Accessories such as external: hoses, electrical connection wires, sensor, mechanical drive components, electrical heating elements, consumables, etc are not covered by our extended hardware warranty.

Maintenance of Cronus-PCS products, units are very limited and heavily related only to how extensive the use.

Here below find estimated, general time before first inspection and possible maintenance.

  • Perseus, Cilix – 30,000 hours or 5 year full time operation - check lifetime of motor below
  • Cadmus - 30,000 hours or 5 year full time operation - check lifetime of motor below
  • Otrera, Ares – 20,000 hours
  • Harmonia – 30,000 hours or 5 year full time operation
  • Sipylus – 30,000 hours or 5 year full time operation
  • Clotho - 30,000 hours or 5 year full time operation

Product lifetime explained here in details.

  • CE conformity, UL approved, RoHS power breaker are in our setup an ultra-low power DC mechanical switch driving a Solid-State-Relay either for 24 VDC or 230 VAC as circuit breaker. Solid-State-Relay's are UL recognized, CE and RoHS compliant.
  • Fans used for internal electronics cooling are Sunon brand. Which are CE, UL,TUV marked/certified, dust-proof, waterproof IP68 rating, RoHS compliant. All fans are equipped with MagLev type of bearings for ultra long life time.
  • The 5 inch TFT touch sensitive display (Perseus, Harmonia, Sipylus, Clotho) lifetime is expected 15,000 hours - new feature from 2021 is a sleep mode function extending display time of use.
  • If equipped with 24 VDC servo proportional valves (Clotho) of brand SMC lifetime expected to be >30,000 hours and at anytime hereafter the valves are replaceable.
  • If equipped with pressure sensors (Clotho) of brand Honeywell lifetime is expected to be >50,000 hours
  • If equipped with Leuze laser sensors (Clotho) expected lifetime of the laser is >50,000 hours
  • if equipped with EVO10-P1 rubber diaphragm compressor (Alagonia-8) the electric motor fulfill class ISC155 and US SA 237523 standard, and with expected life time of max 25,000 hours
  • if equipped with Scroll SOF-50 compressor (Alagonia-50) the BLDC electric motor has life time of >30,000 hour
  • External 110-240 VAC to 24 VDC power supply have typically >100.000 MTBF - Mean Time Between Failure. See Zephyros.
  • internal 24 VDC to 5 VDC EMC and EMS compliance to EN55022 and EN61000 with MTBF of expected +50,000 hours
  • Internal Traco Power AC/DC power supply EMI/EMC compliant, fulfill UL standards, IEC/EN 60950-1, MTBF 340.000 hours
  • PiCAN UPS integrating the LIPO battery (450 mAmp/hour) the warranty, lifetime is limited to 450 full cycles. PiCAN can be upgraded to a 1200 cycle battery.
  • If equipped with Boxer peristaltic pump heads (Otrera, Ares) the mechanical coupling is directly to NEMA step motors, life time of step motors as seen below. Lifetime of pump heads is un-known, depends heavily on the use of the correct hose dimension and the RPM.
  • Coupling parts - like the black cylindrical rubber tube with internal teeth use for the ID39B coupling - are a wear part - and should be exchange after 20,000 hour.
  • If equipped with NEMA step motor (Cadmus) the motor life time is determined by the ball bearing and +50,000 hours.
  • if equipped with EBM / Papst brush-less DC motor (Perseus) these BLDC motors are EC approved and on request further UL, SA, EAC certified, offering minimum protection class IP40. Motor life time by manufacturer 20,000 hour at rated (full) speed and torque.

All components can be replaced, upgraded at Cronus-PCS facility at any time - if needed.

As of writing - March 2024