Specification to the Otrera peristaltic pump

Product, model name


Number of pump heads

2 x Boxer 15KS

RPM span, Revolutions-Per-Minute

0.1 to 700

Min pump capacity, mL/min


Max pump capacity, mL/min/500 RPM


Max recommended hose diameter, OD mm


Weight, kilo


Hephaestus cabinet size



Two Boxer 15KS peristaltic pump heads with 3 or 4 rollers coupled directly to NEMA-17 stepper motors for un-parallel low liquid flow control and accurate performance at any RPM and direction. Recommend continuously max 400 RPM and intermediate 500 RPM - depending on the chosen hose size and material. Build-in RPM controlled cooling fan. IP31 protection design.

Otrera integrate 2 clamp-on flow sensor input, sockets. The Apollon PLC and software package ensures constant calibration when the clamp-on sensor is installed. Move the Levitronix clamp-on sensor cable connector between channel A and B and select which pump head to be calibrated. Or get an second flow sensor for constant calibration on both channels.

Otrera facilitate 2 x Boxer 15KS pump heads in Hephaestus U2 Stainless Steel cabinet. With a hose ID of 4.8 / OD 8.0 mm the pump at 300 RPM convey 400 ml/min. With hose ID of 4.8 / OD 8.0 and 500 RPM convey 625 ml/min.


  • Programming and info via the built-in Apache webserver from PC, PADs or smart-Phones via USB/Wi-Fi/router
  • USB port for CodeSys software upgrades or Wi-Fi router connection or data dump
  • RJ45 port for LAN, IP/TCP connection with external PLC or with PCS via ModBus or OPC platform
  • Data collection / acquisition / control via OPC-UA to PC platform running software like Lucullus from SecureCell

Three of many GUI windows (Graphical-User-Interfaces) as visible via a browser from the connected Pad, SmartPhone, PC via the Wi-Fi adapter mounted in the USB socket.

Supplied as

  • Hephaestus cabinet size U2, dim: L230, W230, H110 mm, AISI 304
  • Two Boxer 15KS heads driven by step motors and internal Apollon PLC
  • One WiFi-USB adapter installed in USB socket
  • One Zephyros 24 VDC / 9.6 amp power supply with IEC socket C13 (no power cable supplied)




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