Cilix-B2 digital DC or STEP motor driver

Digital drive of two servo motor's

Dual channel digital servo motor Drive-Unit with fully automatic acceptance of different size BLDC and STEP motors. Any mix of motors mentioned below Cilix-B2 will recognize and drive right out of the box. 

Use Cilix-B2 for tight controlled agitation of small-to-medium size SUBs (Single-Use-Bioreactor) and in particular P-SUBs (Perfusion-Single-Use-Bioreactor's) or mini-SUMs.

Cilix-B2 operate either as stand-alone or combined with other digital Cronus-PCS units supervised via OPC-UA by Lucullus or DasWare or DeltaV software. Perfect for batch cultivation in SUBs or fermentation in SUFs (Single-Use-Fermenter's) or mixing components in SUMs and the more advanced perfusion cultivation being operated independent or in parallel.

Real-time Power Number's in SUBs, SUFs, SUMs from 0.5 to 5 liter WV

Drive of:

  • SUBs, SUFs, SUMs and P-SUBs equipped with Head-Plate-Drive (HPD) from sister companies PerfuseCell and CerCell
  • Magnetic-Stirrer-Tables (MST) for drive of 500 ml to 5,000 ml Vessel Volume (VV) SUBs and P-SUBs
  • Magnetic-Stirrer_Thermal-Control (MS-TC) for mini-SUMs ranging 175 ml to 500 ml Vessel Volume (no Power Numbers info available)

Photos shows an entire setup driving selectable one 250 ml and / or one 500 ml vessel for cultivation or mixing. Both the size NEMA-17 and the smaller NEMA-13 servo motors both mounted with ID30 adapter and third photo the same compact setup with the NEMA-13 size drive a 3.2 liter CellVessel with HPD from

The digital Cilix-B2 – one of two small BLDC for Cilix-B2 – the Cilix-B2 and two different sized BLDC servo motors. The digital Cilix-B2 will drive two BLDC servo motors size either NEMA-17 and/or the smaller NEMA-13 independently.

Cilix-B2 product package consist of:

  • One compact Motor-Drive-System's (MDS) integrating the Apollon PLC and dual CANbus connected intelligent servo motor controllers, mini-UPS all packed into the Hephaestus U2 cabinet with TFT display for local operation or external operation via Modbus/TCP, OPC or Wi-Fi. Choose from different motor's below and/or create a combination of motor's.
  • Choice one - 50 watt (rated at 3,000 RPM) size NEMA-17 BLDC servo motor's equipped with Hall sensor and encoder operating from 5 to 1,200 RPM, mounted as standard with ID30 adapters (coupling selectable between WF-21 or WF-11). And suitable for advanced Power Number investigations of various rotors in SUBs, SUFs ranging up to 13 liter VV via HPD.
  • Choice two - 50 watt (rated at 750 RPM) size NEMA-17 BLDC servo motor's equipped with a 4:1 gearbox allowing this BLDC motor driving the MST at RPM as low as 1. 
  • Choice three - 10 watt (rated at 4,000 RPM) size NEMA-13 BLDC servo motor's equipped with Hall sensor and encoder, mounted with ID30 adapters (coupling WF-11). Suitable for advanced Power Number investigations of various rotors in SUBs, SUFs ranging from 0.2 - 1 liter WV. 
  • Choice four - <40 watt STEP motors 5-500 RPM size from NEMA-13 up to NEMA-23
  • Choice five - MS-TC (Magnetic-Stirrer combined with Thermal-Control) including 10 watt STEP motor operating from 20 RPM and up and 25 watt heating elements to be controlled by Harmonia. Vessels from sister company CerCell -
  • On motor integrated cables 1 meter long as standard (other length available)
  • Hephaestus U2 cabinet - weight 4 kilo
  • Cilix-B2 operate on 24 VDC from external 110 - 230 VAC Eos family power supply (CE certified and UL listed).

The in Hephaestus cabinet build-in 5” touch sensitive TFT colour monitor display in real-time information of RPM, rotation direction CW or CCW, start and stop, time of operation since power up, Watt consumption and most impressive - with BLDC the actual Power Number.

In front switches and connectors

  • Power breaker via internal Solid-State-Relay for power on/off
  • USB and RJ45 sockets for PC, WiFi connection, software upgrades
  • Power-Supply via Buccaneer sockets from Eos family modules
  • Push-pull SF20 couplings for each of the two servo motors

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