• Item 1
    Harmonia thermal control with various
  • Item 2
    PerfuseCell Cronus-PCS setup
  • Item 3
    Cilix-B8 and 8 motors
  • Item 4
    Clotho-2 dual channel for diaphragm pump
  • Item 5
    Cilix-B2 + 2 different motors
  • Item 6
    Sipylus 6 sensor display
  • Item 7
    Stack of Cadmus motor drive
  • Item 8
    Otrera with dual Boxer-15
  • Item 9
    Harmonia thermal control + two blankets
  • Item 10
    Cassiopeia DHCP server for Cronus
  • Item 11
    Sarpedon reservoir with valve
  • Item 12
    Enyo peristaltic pump mixed

True configurable PCS - at any time during its lifetime

Cronus components are easily interchangeable at any time providing unlimited flexibility and choice

Cronus is the new industry standard your bio process

Cronus provides freedom, efficiency during both the execution of projects and the subsequent activities

World first open hardware / software platform

Cronus units are stand-alone and OPC-UA connects with your software platform like Lucullus and DeltaV