Andromeda signal transmitter

Signal processor

In order to automate in particular continuous cultivation (like perfusion systems) adding balancers and pressure sensor may be beneficial. Balancers to measure liquid volume for fresh media, broth volume in P-SUBs, and perhaps used liquid media. Pressure sensors before and after membrane modules improving their lifetime and performance.

Andromeda contain the Apollon PLC and on the front connection option for:

  • Digital connections (such as balancers)
  • Analogue connections (such as PendoTech pressure sensors)

Designed with one RJ45 socket to be connected to Cassiopeia switch and as to such being part of the Cronus-PCS package covered by the Lucullus, DeltaV, DasWare software.

Andromeda cabinet features:

  • D-SUB sockets for digital and analogue instrument, sensor connections
  • RJ12 sockets for analogue sensor connections
  • One Bulgin Buccaneer 24 VAC power supply socket
  • 1 x RJ45 port for connection to the build in Apollon CPU running Linux
  • 1 x USB socket for Wi-Fi connection and software upgrades

Andromeda is the daughter of Cassiopeia in the Greek mythology. 

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