Ogygia gas analyser

Exhaust Gas analyser for O2 and CO2

Ogygia is a durable continuous measuring dual channel off-gas analyser / transmitter for a variety of bioreactors, fermenter and other processes. Designed for both Cronus-PCS integration as well as stand alone applications. Such as integrated after SUBs and SUFs from www.cercell.com and www.prolifecell.com and www.perfusecell.com

Product, model name


Purpose of measurements

O2 and CO2

CO2 range, ppm


DO range, %


Number of readings

+ 100.000

Power supply

24 VDC

Cabinet size


Weight, kilo



Ogygia transmitter works via 4 build-in independent solid-state transmitters - two sensors for O2 and two sensors CO2. The setup is one O2 and one CO2 for each of two channels. Connects via a hose to SUB exhaust preferably after an exhaust gas cooler, a sterile filter and an external gas dryer before Ogygia – for each of two channels.

In & Out

  • RJ45 via LAN for PC connection 
  • USB for Wi-Fi connection and for software upgrades
  • 2 x gas inlet connection - one for each channel
  • 1 x gas outlet - common
  • One Buccaneer for 24 VDC supply
  • Power breaker

Ogygia in U2 cabinet with build-in display for online information of data.

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