Hephaestus presentation

Cabinets for the Cronus-PCS family

The Hephaestus series of very compact cabinets in height U1, U2, U3 are designed to be stacked in any direction on top of or besides each other or stacked on the handles. All cabinets are manufacture in AISI304 Stainless Steel and macro-polished on all edges and surfaces. All connections are on the front panel – there is NO difficult to reach connectors, cabling on the rear panel.

The original ambition was easy and fast to work with and unit exchange for process changes. Stacked vertical, horizontal, side-by-side all extremely compact. Start simple with few units and add on units as process complexity develops.

Cabinets size

Dimension in millimeter


W: 230, D: 230, TD: 295, H: 50


W: 230, D: 230, TD: 295, H: 110


W: 230, D: 230, TD: 295, H: 170

Metric dimension for the 3 sizes of Hephaestus.