Strategies behind warranties

Cronus-PCS products, units are offered with one year manufacturer warranty. Though warranties on sensors depend on the manufacturer of such ad-on products.

To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock or product damage - then:

  • follow guide lines for shutting down the unit in order to allow the unit to save data
  • do not expose the units to rain, moisture, dripping or splashing.
  • clean the units with cloth and suitable detergent
  • do not clean the TFT monitor with solvents
  • use only recommend accessories
  • do never remove unit covers and expose internals
  • do not use sharp tools on the TFT monitor
  • do not try to repair or modify the units by yourself
  • do not let metal objects fall inside the unit fan openings
  • do not place heavy items on the units or items filled with liquids
  • ensure that the power supply voltage correspond to the voltage printed on the unit and found on www.cronus-pcs.com 
  • insure that proper earth grounding is applied - this is really important !
  • only apply main voltage as described for Harmonia
  • do never handle the main voltage plugs with wet hands
  • insure you never drop the units on the floor
  • never expose cables, hoses to high temperature
  • do not obstruct the units ventilation or openings with paper, cloth, curtains or the like.
  • do NOT hold your hands, fingers on the orange Electrical-Heating-Blankets as the EHB can reach +60°

Ordinary common skills is needed. Engineering skills is not needed - but a help.

Read all info, manuals, etc on this website before use of the Cronus-PCS units.