Power Number details

Measure Power Number's - in real time

Check out comprehensive information found on the links at left:

  • Definition of Power Number (Np)
  • How to calculate - based on measured rotor Watt consumption
  • How to measure - yes, its not easy to get precise data
  • Impeller Np - and some examples
  • Turbine Np - and some examples
  • Impeller Np measured - a few of many impellers available from CerCell now with precise Power Numbers (Np)
  • Turbine Np measured

Perseus and Cilix is world only instrumentation which give you real-time Power Number's

Find both on www.cronus-pcs.com/products/themis-motor-drive 

In general we deal with Power Numbers for agitation systems ranging between 0.2 to 40 liter Working Volume.