GTP – General Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Company refer solely to the GTP as described below:

Global terms

  • Invoices and payments shall take place in EURO, but when quoted in USD prices are calculated based on a daily rate relative to Danish Kroner (DKK) + 6%
  • Payment terms for hardware products: 30 days.
  • Delivery of goods or services: Ex works (customer bare all cost for added tax (VAT), shipment, customs, possible letter-of-credit, insurance).
  • Delivery time to be found under Commerce.
  • Only written offers from Company shall be binding (including fax and e-mail). This shall also apply to any subsequent supplementary agreements and/or amendments.
  • Acceptance of our offer shall be confirmed within two weeks by way of signature on a copy of the offer or an order confirmation, otherwise we are entitled to revoke our offer.
  • Any product design and / or development project and / or customised product supplied by Company shall be the property of Company.
  • Any products supplied by Company shall be the property of Company until full invoice amount is fully paid to Company.
  • Company shall in any case ensure that the packaging protects the goods from transport damage.
  • Company guarantees to provide its goods/services in accordance with the agreed specifications and the current standard business practices and to thoroughly carry out detailed checks as to the functioning and quality prior to dispatch.
  • All design and products of single-use character are subject to a limited performance, storage time and lifetime warranty.
  • All design and products are exclusively for Research & Development purposes and as to such subject to limited performance, storage time and warranty.