Cronus-PCS components are all application driven

Cronus-PCS units runs under Lucullus and DeltaV software


Cronus-PCS is designed for specific and demanding applications:

  • Control of Single-Use-Mixer's for plasmid and mRNA R&D and production - from 2020 -
  • Control of Perfusion-Single-Use-Bioreactor's - P-SUB's - find out more on
  • Control of Single-Use-Pump's - SUP's - find out more on 
  • Control of Packed-Bed bioreactor - PB-SUBs - for stem cell proliferation as well as super compact expression – available from 2025 - find out more on

The system is a range of stand-alone intelligent device controllers that interface; pump control, agitation control, thermal control, servo motor drive, sensor amplifier etc. all housed in compact standardized Hephaestus cabinet's. The number and nature of the devices is determined only by the complexity of the process to be controlled. 

For stand-alone applications the devices features a web based setup tool. The web interface enables the user to easily parameterize and commission the device, to view live values, simple historical data and to configure native and 3rd party integration. The web front-end is 100% HTML 5.0 compliant so tablets and smart phones (Android) will work as interface as well.


Cronus PCS stackable components.JPG

Lucullus software from SecureCell AG are one of several software platfroms combining Cronus-PCS devices for full drive of P-SUBs from