Features for all the kid members of the Hera family


  • any imaginable operation sequence, cycle for each pump head
  • real-time information about calculated pumped volume from each individually pump head
  • data logging, data acquisition for each pump head
  • low cost disposable hose inserts eliminates ALL cleaning issues
  • choose from various hose materials according to needs
  • remember to calibrate each pump to each new hose inserted
  • remember that some hose wall spalation is normal which add silicone particles to the liquid

Different peristaltic pump heads are offered and 2 or 3 or 4 on each cabinet

  • 0 to 400 RPM is possible, all depends on the hose quality, pressure and time at specific RPM.
  • RPM accuracy is 100% as the operation is in 0.8° steps far from the traditional used brushed DC voltage without encoder/resolver lacking low RPM operation and general precision
  • Operates equally well in both directions
  • Lifetime of servo motor and bearing 20.000 hours or more
  • Flow range from less than 0.00001 mL/min to 50 or 370 mL/min liquid flow at 300 RPM
  • Handles any hose dimension up to OD 4.8 and 6.5 mm, any hose material, any wall thickness
  • Convert MiniFlex to dual hose versions (share same roller body) with just two small pieces of plastics available at no charge
  • Cabinets used are of the Hephaestus stainless steel design
  • Green priming button's with software programmable rpm, operating time
  • All pump head´s fully and individually programmable
  • Communication by TCP/IP via ModBus and OPC-UA
  • Programming via Wi-Fi with your Android Pad or smart phone or PC or via patch cable connection to LAN or to Windows based PC

Advantages are

  • Single-use wetted parts eliminate cleaning issues – just un-pack and exchange with new sterile hoses
  • choose the fluid pressure you want to create – up to 2 Bar
  • choose the volume you want to pump – (well, according to pump size and hose)
  • self-priming and can run dry (for limited time)
  • very compact design and low weight
  • no media contact to pump body parts
  • hoses may be part of an all sterile process package