For temperature control of SUBs

Dual channel heating element based manual controller for endotherm based reaction like cultivation in bioreactors in sizes up to 1 litre. Such as 500 ml CellVessel or CellTumbler from www.cercell.com

Product, model name




Cabinet size, mm

186 x 119 x 79

Power supply

230 VAC, 2 amp

Weight, kilo



Heat-Control-Unit includes two parallel and identical regulating channels in the same box. Sensor input for each of the two channel is Pt-100. ELCO temperature regulator, controller with PI algorithm action and numerous user adjustable features.

General features

The unit are designed for individual heating element control of two independent platforms.

Connects to 230 VAC only, with standard IEC socket-plug power cables into 2 amp fused and switched IEC Power Inlet Module in IP54 and coated aluminium enclosure.

The Heat-Control-Unit facilitates on each of the two channels:

  • Power breaker
  • One Pt100 sensor input
  • One 230 VAC outlet rated at 230 watt for platform heating
  • One 18 VAC constant power outlet for one 3 Watt 80x120 mm heating element for OD 50 mm sterile filter heating for 30°C gradient to the environment

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