Cronus family

Top level connection of devices 

The preferred process control software package chosen to master Cronus-PCS is Lucullus (or DeltaV), which will run on a standard PC. In order to create easy connection of Cronus-PCS devices, via the RJ45 sockets/cables, a DHCP server is required to distribute IP addresses = Cassiopeia.

Cronus-PCS offer these devices for top level connection:

  • Cassiopeia – a dedicated managed switch connecting the various devices in a protected Local-Area-Network (LAN)

Take advantage of Lucullus or DeltaV as the software umbrella combining all the Cronus-PCS devices into one manageable system.

As simple as:

  1. power all up
  2. start Lucullus from the PC connected to Cassiopeia
  3. watch Lucullus get in contact with each unit

Rhea is a Titan and the older sister of her brother Cronus. Rhea even became the wife of Cronus - as to the greek mythology.

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