Strategies behind Cronus-PCS

The Cronus-PCS A/S company design and manufacture products for Research & Development and small scale manufacturing within the pharmaceutical industry and the chemical industry. 

Our aim is that any of the Cronus-PCS units will solve many different and individual tasks not easy to solve with the well know and traditional designed PCS's of today. In particular advanced perfusion cultivation tasks - even in a parallel setup. 
Latest news summer 2021 is that Lucullus from SecureCell AG will be the software package combining Cronus-PCS devices with P-SUBs from
The device names used by Cronus-PCS originate from the Greek mythology. Cronus is father and Rhea is mother to Zeus. The sister's, wife's and kid's of Zeus gives names to the devices in the Cronus-PCS platform. Quite relevant Hephaestus is the son of Zeus and the god of craftsmen.