Perseus driver

Advanced large size servo motor agitation of STR - SUBs - SUMs - SUFs

Single channel digital Motor-Drive-System's (MDS) for drive of STR (Stirred-Tank-Reactor), SUB (Single-Use-Bioreactor), SUF (Single-Use-Fermenter), and SUM (Single-Use-Mixer).

Stand-alone or connected to other digital Cronus-PCS units combined supervised via OPC-UA by Lucullus or DasWare or DeltaV software.

Real-time Power Number's of impellers and turbines from 5 - 50 liter SUBs

Drive of

  • STR, SUF, SUB, SUM equipped with Head-Plate-Drive (HPD) with Working Volume (WV) more than 5 liter and less than 50 liter and up to 1,200 RPM
  • Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST) from sister company PerfuseCell and CerCell for Working Volume ranging from 5 liters and up

Stacked Perseus cabinets (size Hephaestus U2). The ECI 42 geared servo motor shown mounted with ID39-B adapter. Geared ECI 42 servo motor mounted on Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST) with the white SSS for OD 137 mm SUB.

Perseus product package consist of

  • One compact Motor-Drive-System's (MDS) integrating the Apollon PLC and CANbus connected intelligent miControl servo motor controller, mini-UPS all packed into the Hephaestus U2 cabinet
  • One German quality Papst ECI 42 Brush-Less-Direct-Current (BLDC) 24 VDC, 100 watt servo motor with 1:3.2 planetary gear rated at 0 - 1,200 RPM and 0.7 Nm torque.

Monitor display real-time info

The Hephaestus cabinet facilitate a build-in 5” touch sensitive TFT colour display for real-time information of: actual RPM, direction CW or CCW, rotor consumed watt. Integrated UPS and RAM for data collection to be dumped on USB memory stick or saved by external software.

Programming is simple

  1. Select CW or CCW
  2. Select internal control of RPM or external RPM control (4-20 mAmp input)
  3. Select calibration friction losses combined with drives (like MST or HPD)
  4. Create individual programs for RPM, time and sequence
  5. Select enable for on/off

Perseus servo motor installed on MST with 3.2 liter SUB. MST and servo motor. Setup with servo motor on HPD adaptor as on SUFs larger than 5.7 liter.

In front switches and connectors

  • Power breaker via Solid-State-Relay for power on/off
  • USB and RJ45 sockets for PLC connection
  • Power-Supply via Buccaneer sockets from Zephyros module 
  • Dual Buccaneer sockets for servo motor connections (drive power and encoder signal)
  • M12 socket for 4-20 mAmp external RPM control signal input

Communication with external devices

  • Programming from PC, PADs or smart-Phones via Wi-Fi and info from the built-in webserver
  • USB port for CodeSys software upgrades or Wi-Fi router connection or data dump
  • RJ45 port for LAN, IP/TCP connection with external PLC or with PC via ModBus or OPC-UA platform
  • Data collection / acquisition / control via OPC-UA to Cassiopia platform running software like Lucullus from SecureCell
  • External analogue control via a 4-20 mAmp signal

Screen dumps from Perseus software. After initial setup and calibration with connected equipment a huge variety of options is possible.

Supplied as

  • One Hephaestus cabinet size U2, dim: L230, W230, H110 mm, weight 4 kilo, AISI 304
  • One ECI BLDC servo motor mounted with ID39-B adapter, ZN21 sprocket, SP21 rubber coupling (other adapter's optionally)
  • Two separate servo motor cables (power and signal cable) standard length 1,5 meter
  • Incl one Zephyros 24 VDC power supply IEC socket C13 (no power cable supplied)

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