External pneumatic pinch valves

Pneumatic operated pinch valves mounted in U2 cabinet


Product, model name



Pinch valve control

Drive gas pressure supply, max

8 Bar

Power supply

24 VDC, 1 amp

Weight, kilo



4 individual sized externally oriented dual direction pinch valves / hose valves for positive drive gas. Could be ACRO 932 or 933 or other manufacturer products. Designed for NO internal spring operation = easy hose insertion.

In & Out

  • 8 x one-touch pneumatic connectors for 4 mm hose
  • Buccaneer 24 VDC
  • Power breaker


  • USB for Wi-Fi connection
  • IP/TCP for LAN and ModBus

Aegle in U1 Hephaestus Stainless Steel cabinet with connection to 4 double acting pinch valves.

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