Europa family

Control of gas supply for aeration or for power


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Europa family is CE certified and EMC compliant dedicated devices dealing with multi gas control of and supply of pressurised air and vacuum.


Product, model name



Purpose of membrane pump

Pressure or vacuum


Max capacity, nl/min/ + 0.1 Bar



Voltage supply

either 110 or 230 VAC


Hephaestus cabinet size



Carnus MFC status - available 2024 Q2

The Carnus MFC supply and control 4 gases independently (air, CO2, N2, O2) for aeration and gas additions.

  • Flow ranges selectable from zero to 1, 5, 10, 20 slpm at 5 Bar
  • Ultra-compact and good accuracy of 3% within 10-100% of range

Alagonia pumps status - available since 2018

Stand-alone pump's for supply of air under pressure for aeration of SUBs. Or Drive-Gas pressure or vacuum for drive of devices like Clotho or Lachesis. Or atmospheric gas aeration for SUBs or SUFs.

Sarpedon - available since 2018

A Hephaestus U2 cabinet integrating two separate 1 litre storage chambers. Designed to connect to one or two Alagonia when supplying Drive-Gas pressure or vacuum to Clotho or Lachesis.

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