Single-Use-Sensor transmitter for pH and DO and conductivity and °C

Sipylus is a six channel transmitter / pre-amplifier unit. The 6 input channels are as standard pre-defined with 2 x DO, 2 x pH and 2 x temp/conductivity combined.

Sipylus can be configured as to your needs - selectable from the table below - potential prolong delivery time though depending on your requirements. Ultimo 2022 its expected that both Glucose and CO2 SUS will be an option.

Product, model name




Six channel analogue or digital

pH - DO - RTD - conductivity

pH range

1 - 14, resolution >0.1

1 reading per sec, analogue or digital

DO range, %

check out CerCell SUS

1 reading per sec, digital

Conductivity, μS/cm

 check out CerCell SUS

1 reading per sec, analogue type

Temp range, °C (F, K)

-20 - +150, resolution >0.1

1 reading per sec, both Pt100 and Pt1000

Power supply

24 VDC


Cabinet size



Weight, kilo




Stand-alone transmitter with pH, DO, conductivity and temp sensor input for demanding applications. The Sipylus U2 cabinet house a 5” touch sensitive display connected to the integrated powerful Artemis PLC. Artemis run Linux / CodeSys with the Apache webserver presenting data online on the build in display or external means such as smartPhone's, PADs, PCs.

The use of DO, pH, conductivity Single-Use-Sensor's (SUS) integrated into Single-Use-Bioreactor's and Single-Use-Fermenter's and Single-Use-Mixer's is by far the fastest and most modern way to gather precise pH, DO, conductivity and temp values - such SUS are available from

In & Out electrical features - front panel mounted

  • M12/8 sockets for VisiFerm digital DO sensor
  • M12/4-8 sockets for OneFerm either analogue or digital pH sensor (requires ARC module)
  • M12 sockets accepting both Pt100 or Pt1000 sensor's (A) and/or ConducCell conductivity sensor's (B)
  • RJ45 via LAN for PC connection
  • USB port for USB memory or Wi-Fi antenna connection
  • One Buccaneer socket for 24 VDC supply
  • Power breaker

Sipylus in U2 Hephaestus cabinet facilitates pH, DO, temperature and conductivity sensor connections. The 5” touch sensitive colour display for programming and in real-time readout of measured parameters. 

Communication with external devices

  • Programming and info via the built-in webserver from PC, PADs or smart-Phones via USB/Wi-Fi/router
  • USB ports also for CodeSys software upgrades or Wi-Fi/router connection or data dump
  • RJ45 port for LAN, IP/TCP connection with external PLC or with PCS via ModBus or OPC platform
  • Data collection / acquisition / control via OPC-UA to PC platform running software Lucullus from SecureCell

Supplied as, optionally as needed

  • No sensor's or ARC module included (available separately from CerCell)
  • Separate cable – M12/4-8-VP-6/8 for pH OneFerm sensor – 2 meter long Hamilton cable
  • Separate cable – M12/8-VP-8 DO VisiFerm sensor – 2 meter long Hamilton cable
  • Separate cable - M12 type for temp and/or conductivity
  • Incl one Zephyros 24 VDC / 5 amp power supply IEC socket C13 (no power cable supplied)

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