Manual control of servo motor's

Dual channel Motor-Drive-System's (MDS) for connection with small to medium size STR (Stirred-Tank-Reactor), SUB (Single-Use-Bioreactor), SUF (Single-Use-Fermenter), SUM (Single-Use-Mixer) or sand-alone peristaltic pump units.

Drive of:

  • STR, SUF, SUB, SUM equipped with:
    1. Head-Plate-Drive (HPD) any supplier
    2. Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST from CerCell)

Cadmus standard kit shown with dual motors, cables and power supply. Cadmus front packed with controls squeezed into the Hephaestus U1 cabinet. Cadmus one channel drive options with ID39B adaptor shown on the green MST and second channel motor on the cabinet.

Cadmus product package consist of:

  1. One compact dual channel Motor-Drive-System (MDS) integrated in Hephaestus U1 cabinet
  2. Two Phlegyas NEMA-23 servo motors standard with ID39-B adaptor (others available)
  3. Two cables 1.5 meter long as standard (other length available)
  4. One external Zephyros Power Supply

Cadmus are designed for drive of two bimodal NEMA-23 stepper motors. Any mix as needed for drive of two SUBs, SUF, SUMs or even externally arranged peristaltic pump units freely selected between Phobos and Deimos. Cadmus will drive the smaller NEMA-17 as well.

Stack of Cadmus in the Hephaestus U1 cabinet and some different drive options shown. Cadmus driving the MST or the HPD. 

Spec of the Cadmus package

  1. Hephaestus U1 cabinet - weight 3 kilo
  2. Dual / stereo version for drive of two NEMA-23 step motors independently
  3. Motor power 30 or 50 watt depending on motor length
  4. RPM from 50-500
  5. Motor drive adaptors available for various SUBs and SUFs
  6. Operate on 24 VDC via 110-230 VAC supply
  7. No display, no PLC for simple manual operation
  8. On front 10-turn potentiometer for internal RPM control
  9. On front switch for internal (manual) or external 4-20 mAmp or digital RPM control
  10. Dual rotating direction - CW and CCW
  11. Enabling switches for each of the two channels
  12. Power switch control via internal Solid-State-Relay
  13. CE certified

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