Wi-Fi for Otrera

Very easy Wi-Fi connection

As to the very compact design there is no build-in display on Otrera. You get all the needed information and programing options via WiFi on your device.

Step 1 – Watch the video found here that shows how to log on from your device to the Otrera Unit.

Step 2 – make sure that WiFi USB device is connected to your Otrera unit before turning on the Unit power.

Step 3 – turn on the Unit.

Step 4 – connect your device (smart-phone, PAD, PC) via WiFi by using the password for the specific Unit found written on the unit before 2019 and from 2020 as found below:

  • WiFi name: otreraxx-cronus
  • Pass word: cronus-otrera

Step 5 – if the Chrome browser does not open itself, then open Chrome and type something like “123.com”, and the command window from the Units webserver will appear.